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accounting queens, NY



We assist individuals who value professional advice and the ability to work with trusted advisors for years to come.

We have individual clients in a wide range of professions; many own businesses, are independent contractors, own multiple properties, or have complex financial investments.

Everyone has different goals – we will listen to yours and respond with personalized advice rather than hand out pre-packaged answers.

No matter what State you work in or State you live in, we can help file the correct tax return for you!

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We help business owners manage their tax responsibilities and stay current with the shifting tax law landscape to best position our clients.

We have clients in many different industries, from established real estate firms to start-up companies, and more. No matter the business, no matter the state in which business is conducted, we provide responsive, insightful guidance to support your organization.

In addition to filing your annual Business Tax Returns, we can assist in filing your Sales Tax Returns, settling outstanding Sales Tax Balances and entering into a payment plan, and settling liabilities with the IRS and State Tax Authorities.


We are a full service CPA Firm. Our bookkeeping services allow the owners to focus on running their business rather than focusing on reconciling their bank statements and entering transactions. Our payroll services gives owners piece of mind that a trusted CPA is filing all necessary documents with the proper authorities, and most importantly, getting all their employees paid on time. We can provide monthly or quarterly performance reports so owners can have insight into their business' performance.

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